Tips To Help You Match Your Abstract Rugs With Your Home’s Artwork!

Everyone loves spending time in household rooms that are beautifully decorated, and these days more and more people are interested in budget-friendly interior design ideas that look great and don’t break the bank.

We’ve partnered up with the Rug Source experts to develop this list of tips that’ll help you aesthetically connect your room’s abstract rugs and existing artwork. This of course is an incredibly important aspect of the rug shopping experience, and below are the tips you need to keep in mind!

Try Highlighting A Centralized Art Piece With A Secondary Color

It’s always crucial that you take a very close look at all of your wall art when shopping for a new abstract area rug, because these color elements will be what you’ll want to play off of when narrowing down your top options. It’s often the case that a room’s primary colors are exemplified via wall art and wall colors, so you may want to consider a secondary colors that accents your room’s primary design.

This means you’ll need to know your room’s existing primary colors, and then look for appropriate secondary colors to be the primary color of your new abstract rug. A good tip is to take pictures of your room to take you into showrooms, but if you’re shopping online, then just sit in your room and conceptualize what would match properly.

Keep Consistency Between Art & Rug Styles

Another good idea is to simply hone in on the consistency between your room’s artwork and rug styles. This means simply being cohesive when it comes to a how a room appears from the floor upwards.

So the actual style of your art should play a significant role in deciphering which abstract rugs are best for you, and choosing a new area rug should always coincide with your unique interests!

Purchase An Abstract Rug That Stands Well On Its Own

It’s likely that you’re going to be choosing between a vast selection of area rugs while coming to your final decision, so it’s important to know how to differentiate beautiful rugs from one another.

Although this process is different for everyone, one tip we can offer is to choose an area rug that looks great all on its own. Forget about the overall aesthetics of your room for just a moment as you try to conceptualize how the rug will appear on your home’s floors, and if it seems like it would provide the right ambience you’re looking for and be a centerpiece of your room’s art, then you’re on the right track!

Making Your New Abstract Rug The Highlight Of Your Room

As much as you may want some of your wall art to be the centerpiece of your room, it’s likely that your new abstract rug is going to take over the room’s visual attention to a certain degree. So if your new rug isn’t the focal point of your room, it’s more than likely going to be one of the top focal points no matter what!

So you might as well guarantee that you’re keeping your rug as a top highlight of your interior design ideas, and this includes how you arrange your furniture around your rug.

Try Not To Avoid Visual Competition Between Your Art & Rug

As much as you may want to have both incredibly beautiful wall art and flooring décor, it can sometimes be a bit too much from an aesthetic perspective. It’s of course important to properly blend these two design elements together, but it’s typically jarring when your rug and art pieces are competing for attention too much.

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There truly is a lot that abstract rug shoppers need to keep in mind while they’re in the process of finding a new area rug,

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