Ensure the Smoothest Move Possible

You want to start fresh in a new location, but first you have to get there. The time required to sort, pack and label every box for a move can be all-consuming, making the moving process a hassle. Luckily, the following tips and tricks will prepare you for the big day.

First, neatly organize everything you plan on bringing. When moving, it’s recommended that each room gets packed individually. This way boxes can go directly into the room they’re intended for.

Next, use different colored packing tape to differentiate boxes. This is a simpler way of telling which boxes are labeled for what and where. Whichever organization method you choose to implement, it’s recommended you have plenty of tape on hand.

If your closet is full of clothes, vacuum seal the clothes in storage bags. This also works for bulkier items such as bedsheets and comforters. You can also eliminate clutter further by donating unwanted clothes from your wardrobe.

The last tip is to always overestimate how much time something will take or how much of something you need. Make sure that everything you need is available and at the ready before moving day.

For more moving tips like these, please see the accompanying resource provided by Wildcat Movers.

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Vincenzo Tomas
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