Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with The Top Ways to Set Aside Cash for A Renovation


Whether you have a small budget or a big budget, the costs of a home renovation can quickly run out of control. Therefore, it is better to save money prior to a renovation. Mark Roemer Oakland shares his opinion on top ways to set aside cash for a renovation.

The Details

Below are the top ways to set aside cash for a renovation.

Pay your Debt

Actually, if you are thinking about saving money while carrying a large debt burden, it will not work. It is better, to begin with eliminating and paying your debt. Just add up the amount you spend servicing your debt monthly, and you will see how much spend on it.

When you are free from your debt, you can just set aside that cash. It will enable you to quickly accumulate and save the money you are going to require for a large renovation.

Set Savings Goals

Out of all the ways, one of the best ways to set aside cash is to visualize what you are saving for. In case you need motivation, you should set some saving targets together with a timeline to make it better and easier. When you have a target, it becomes quite easy to set aside cash for it.

Since you want to save money for a renovation, set it as a goal with a specific timeline. 

Stop Unnecessary Spending

People often spend money on unnecessary things such as smoking and eating snacks in excess. You should avoid these items and save from them. For instance, you can cut down on this spending and set aside cash from it.

It will play an important role in helping you save a significant amount of money monthly. In only a single month, you will be able to see the amount of money you can save in only a few months.

Utility Savings

You might be surprised to know that lowering the water heater thermostat by only a few Celsius can help you save around 3 to 5 percent in energy costs. In addition, the installation of a tankless water heater is capable of delivering around 30 percent savings as compared to standard tanks.

In this manner, you can definitely set aside a lot of cash for renovations.

Pack your Lunch

You can undoubtedly save a lot of money by just avoiding food from restaurants and making your own. There is an obvious difference between purchasing food from different restaurants and making food at home.

Over the course of a year, you can set aside a significant amount of cash. You will be capable of using it for renovations to your house. For instance, even if you are saving only 5 dollars on a regular basis, just imagine the cash you will have by the end of the year.


These are some ways suggested by Mark Roemer Oakland that you can use to set aside cash for your home renovation. In fact, in just a year, you will have sufficient cash to manage your renovation easily.

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